Another Great Faire !!!

See the slideshow with highlights from our event in 2016:

First thanks to all of our sponsors:

Albemarle County Public Schools, ShopBot, PVCC, Staunton Maker Space, Apprenticeship Connections, Active Media Group, Catstone Press, Charlottesville Family, Tandem Friends School, IX Art Park and The Habitat Store

And let’s not forget our volunteers:

Marc Lipson, Peggy Riso, Mark Nizer, Ellen Climo, Jim Respress, Kate Little Hunter, Dan Hunt, Cosmo, Chi Cho, Brian Wimer, Cindy Marks , the crew from Theta Tau at UVA and last but not least, all of the folks who strutted their stuff at the Big Hat Show!

We had another terrific event, full of creative and inspired exhibitors, coming from Northern Virginia, Richmond, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Fluvanna County and of course from our Cville/Albemarle area.

Finally, thanks to all of our attendees, who bring the curiosity and energy that makes our Cville Mini Maker Faire such an enjoyable and inspiring event!

Stay Curious, Get Inspired and CREATE!





ShopBot Tools, PVCC Engineering, Staunton Maker Space, Apprenticeship Connections, Cville First Person Viewing Drones, UVA Engineering, ACPS Robotics, JMU Industrial Design, The Chaos Machine, The Cup Cake Car, Tinkersmiths, IX Art Park, Cville Repair Café, The Tick Comb, Cav. Robotics, Russell Richards Vac. Forming Masks, Transition Cville, The ELF Mobile, 3D Central, Autonomous Industries, John Rubino, Stuart Hall School, Burley Middle School, Henley Middle School, Argo Dezines, Scheps Sculpts, CATEC, Alb. Amateur Radio, Licorice Tree Felting, Cville Open Bio Labs, Monticello Jefferson Replicas, Tech Girls, Grumpy Angel Designs, Red’s Custom Jewelry, Chancellor St. School Wood Bench, Habitat Store, The Big Hat Show at 3pm, Computers 4 Kids, Stone Robinson Elementary School, Gravity Is Optional….




Check Out The Latest Interview On The Cville Mini Maker Faire

Click on this link to hear the latest interview about the Cville Mini Maker Faire

ShopBot Is Coming To Cville Maker Faire !!!

ShopBot will be demonstrating their Handibot Smart Power Tool at the 3rd  Cville Mini Maker Faire on Sat., March 26th, 10-4pm. This is not to be missed!!!

A portable computer-controlled router that can cut intricate shapes and is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control it with your phone!

Check out this amazing machine in action with their videos HERE.


The Big Hat Fashion Show Comes to Cville Maker Faire

Months in the making, The BIG Hat Show began with a desire to mix big shapes with improvisational movement.  It is a runway show highlighting the talents of local designers, dancers, and a few fashion mavericks from New York City. screen-capture-16

We’ve got hip-hop, big designs, glitter spoons, and a whole lot of inspired, sculptural hats to bring you joy in this one-time only showcase.

The BIG Hat Show is appropriate for adults, children, contortionists, dance enthusiasts, pig wranglers, trolley drivers, line cooks and people of all creative persuasions.  Bring your friends, bring your grandparents, have a great time!

FPV Drone Racing is coming to the Cville Maker Faire!


Hairpin turns, racing around a track head to head. Flying inches above the ground pushing speeds of 70 miles per hour. Threading the needle through gates as your opponent misses, crashes flipping end over end. Or how about bounding from 0 to 50 feet in less than a second. Pulling off a double back flip ease. This is the excitement of FPV Racing and Freestyle.

Never heard of FPV Racing/Freestyle before? FPV puts the pilot in the driver’s seat of a high performance multirotor quadcopter. The quad is equipped with a forward facing camera. The pilot safely controls the highly tuned quad from the ground. With the aid of a RC controller and video goggles, the experience is immersive and exhilarating. It takes all of the pilot’s skill and focus to successfully navigate the race course at speed or complete breathtaking aerial maneuvers. Spectacular crashes happen often. However the only damage is typically a few broken propellers (props). As they say “If you’re not breaking props, you’re not trying hard enough”.

CvilleFPV is a club of FPV enthusiasts from around the Charlottesville area. Over the past year we have been building, crashing, and doing it all over again. Now we are ready to show the public what FPV is all about. CvilleFPV is excited to be part of the Charlottesville Mini Maker Faire 2016.
Weather permitting we are turning the athletic field behind Monticello High School into a FPV Racing and Freestyle playground. Spectators outside can watch head to head racing or freestyle sessions. Inside at our booth, live video feed from the pilots FPV cameras will be streamed. Try out FPV – we’ll have goggles and Liftoff simulator. Interested in getting into FPV? We will have information about how to get started and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Owen Zanzal

There is currently a Meetup group for CvilleFPV. Join us!

Back this year – Craig Trader & The CHAOS Machine!

The Chaos Machine is a huge hit with seemingly endless tracks and marbles.

The Chaos Machine is a huge hit with seemingly endless tracks and marbles.

Truly a highlight from last year’s Maker Faire, Craig is bringing his gigantic marble machine back this spring. This exhibit is a combination of tubes, tracks, motors and widgets that is initially set up by Craig and his Machine Wranglers and then YOU add to it as a Mechanic. Young children can help gather up fallen marbles and feed them back into the machine while those older and so inclined can add tracks and fun stunts.

My kids truly enjoyed any kind of small “ball machines” we bought them when they were younger and if we chanced upon a public exhibit, they were enthralled for hours. This one is HANDS-ON and HUGE – you really shouldn’t miss it. The main components of the machine are kits produced by Chaos Toy ( which Craig has been collecting for many years. Each year, his installation grows and he is now a popular attraction at numerous Maker Faires. We are excited to have him!

It is asked that kids 8 and under be accompanied by parents who can provide guidance and direction. Believe me, this is one exhibit where you’ll be happy to hang around.

Our 2016 Printable Poster

Please feel free to print and share our new poster for 2016! Click HERE for a pdf download. Many thanks to our artist, Kate Little Hunter, for another compelling illustration.

Use of this poster is limited to promotion of the Charlottesville Mini Maker Faire.


Cville Maker Faire On PBS

Be sure to watch Cville Inside-Out, on PBS. Click here to watch the segment on Cville Maker Faire.

Stay curious, get inspired and CREATE!

Steve Hunter, Founder and Director

Scenes from our Maker Faire

Click to enjoy scenes from our 2014 Maker Faire

Stay Curious   Get Inspired   &   Create !

Founder and Director……….Steve Hunter

Maker Coordinator……………………….Ellen Climo

Graphics and Media Coordinator…….Cindy Marks

Artist/Poster Illustrator………………..Kate Little Hunter

Stage Tech Director………………………Mark Nizer