Scenes from last year’s 2013 Maker Faire

Just a reminder of how fun last year’s Faire turned out to be and WHY you want to be SURE and sign up for our 2014 Maker Faire!



Saturday, 10am -4pm, OCTOBER 4th, 2014 

Stay curious, get inspired, and create!

Virginia Is For… Makers


Charlottesville Maker Faire Ranks In The Top 6 Of Mini Maker Faires!

We just found out that our Maker Faire was ranked #6,  from all of  the 100 Mini  Maker Faires worldwide  in attendee satisfaction!

Stay curious, get inspired and create!

Virginia Is For… Makers



It was great!

Thanks to all of the exhibitors, vendors, volunteers, sponsors and attendees for MAKING the first Cville Mini Maker Faire such a great event!

Special thanks to Albemarle County Public Schools for such great support and of course,  Got It Made Productions,  for producing the event.

We are already planning the next one, which promises to be bigger and better.

Stay curious, get inspired and create!

Virginia is for… makers!


We Need More Room And We Are Moving Across The Street

Our Mini Maker Faire is growing! We have outgrown our planned venue at Tandem Friends School and though we are reluctant to leave the partners who had the vision and generosity to support our efforts from the start, we have to concede that we need much more room for exhibitors and visitors. Thanks to the generous support of Albemarle County Schools, we now have the use of the enormous gym and parking lots at Monticello High School,  directly across the street from Tandem. We are tremendously grateful to Tandem School for stepping up and supporting us in our initial development and to Albemarle County Schools for their enthusiastic sponsorship.

Richmond Etsy Artists CarryTheWhat



CarryTheWhat is a Richmond, Virginia based Etsy shop producing all sorts of 3D printed geekery – from a magnetic periodic table for your fridge to gear hearts that help reduce stress.  Be sure to come and grab their goodies at the Charlottesville Maker Faire! Or, check them out on Facebook and  Etsy before they arrive.


MakerFaire welcomes Altenergy as an Exhibiting Sponsor


Altenergy Inc. is a local provider of solar energy systems for both homes and large businesses. They have branches in Staunton, VA,  Atlanta, GA and Boise, ID.  While providing the whole package,  they can partner with electrical engineers, energy management professionals and auditors, to bring customers the planning and cost analysis needed to make the transition to solar as smooth and economical as possible.


Their goal is to create a holistic system that will last up to 25 years, ensuring a good return on your investment. Altenergy can correct other inefficiencies in systems throughout your building, replacing old water heaters or boilers.  They love to teach about alternative energy, so we are thrilled to have them at our 2013 Maker Faire!


Paper Roller Coasters are coming to Charlottesville!

PaperCoastersTheBeastMaker Andrew Gatt is a Maker Faire PRO and we are thrilled to have him coming to Charlottesville in October. Andrew has won not just 1 but TWO ribbons, a red and a blue, at the huge New York Maker Faire. This video shows why. Just watching this is fun. Can you imagine building one yourself? I got up close and personal with one at the Durham Maker Faire.  Theses surprisingly simple kits  are extremely sturdy and Andrew will have them available for sale at the faire. Get your marbles ready!

What IS a Maker?

As we talk to more folks around town, I get asked a lot of questions about what exactly constitutes a “maker.” In my own mind, it’s a do-it-yourself kind of person, who manifests their creativity and knowledge via hands-on projects and objects. Some makers are more science-geeks and some makers are more crafty-geeks and some are genius level artisans and some are back-to-basics fine crafters of food; but they all share a passion for creating and also believe that YOU can do it as well. At the MakerFaire, they come together to show all the rest of us who are still standing on the sidelines. We might get our feet wet or just watch in admiration.

Make Magazine supplies this list that they believe adds up to a great MakerFaire. If you see yourself here, then SIGN UP FOR A BOOTH and tell your Maker friends all about the Faire! See you in October!


There’s Maker Spirit happening all over Virginia!

After you enjoy our Maker Faire here in Charlottesville on Saturday, October 12, you’ll want to travel over to the Maker Faire in the Hampton Roads/Norfolk area on Saturday, October 19. There will be different exhibitors and vendors in each location. Let’s celebrate the maker spirit in Virginia.

Click HERE to view the Hampton Roads website.